Product Sourcing Analyst


・Contributes to the efficient operation of the Product Sourcing & Sales Division (PSSD) and Data Management Division (DMD) by providing independent analytical, strategic business support.  

・Provide support on data management, analysis of product innovation/ development, and marketing for Processed Food items. 

Job Description:

  • Aggregates, sort, integrate and analyze Business Intelligible (BI) data which includes but is not limited to sales, inventory, product depletion, sales summary, annual product sourcing, and sales action plan and comparison. 
  • Interpret data, and analyze results using statistical techniques to optimize statistical efficiency and data quality.
  • Coordinate and analyze sourcing plan for Processed Food for the Company.  
  • Work closely with management to prioritize business and information needs
  • Locate and define new process improvement opportunities
  • Conduct market studies for grocery promotions to develop short and long-range forecasts of business.
  • Conducts targeted market research at off-site locations such as branch locations and/or customers’ locations as required.
  • Travel as needed to conduct accurate market research in different territories and create reports and make recommendations as needed.
  • Establish and develop sales, marketing, and advertising strategies, plan, and program necessary to meet and support the business development for the Product Innovation Department. 
  • Responsible to reevaluate the current product line to develop or redesign packaging to target new business ventures. 
  • Create and provide feedback on the effectiveness of Processed Food product strategies, selling programs, and initiatives to Management/ Executives
  • Provide strategic promotion, marketing, and product development for Processed Food initiatives.


・Experienced in data management, analysis, and marketing for a few years.
・Familiar with Excel.


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