Japanese IT Security Analyst

A Japanese leading IT company specializing in providing cutting-edge solutions to their clients is seeking a highly skilled and motivated Japanese Security Analyst. Contribute to their commitment to providing top-notch IT security solutions and be part of their innovative and fast-paced environment.


Security Planning
・Develop and implement best standards and practices for the company’s security plan.
・Continuously update incident response and disaster recovery plans.
・Stay up to date with the latest information technology security trends and utilize the latest technology to protect information.
・Plan and implement/migrate security solutions for both on-premises and cloud environments.

Security Operations
・Perform security administrative operations and configure security policies and access control lists on devices.
・Conduct regular patch and firmware updates to address vulnerabilities.
・Analyze software behavior to patch bugs or analyze malware.

Intrusion Prevention and Detection
・Monitor the company’s IT network and systems for security breaches and promptly investigate and respond to any threats.
・Assess risks and improve policies based on the monitoring of IT systems and networks.

Incident Response
・Detect and respond quickly to security attacks and recommend measures to fix flaws in IT systems.
・Manage the impact of an attack or breach by minimizing the damage and adjusting security controls for future prevention.
・Analyze security breaches to identify the root cause and implement appropriate countermeasures.

Security Investigation
・Install and maintain software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs, to protect sensitive information.
・Aid in the prevention of crime through data collection in the event of a breach.
・Conduct detailed checks of changes in IT/Security systems., analysis,
・Anticipate potential dangers in IT systems and develop innovative methods to protect the company’s systems.

Security Assessment
・Conduct penetration and vulnerability testing to identify weak points and potential threats, enabling the company to protect itself from security attacks.
・Verify the security of third-party vendors and collaborate to meet security requirements.
・Make recommendations for security advancements to enhance the company’s systems.
・Provide guidance on installing new programs and implementing security procedures.
・Assist with internal and external security audits.


・Expertise in network and server/PC security engineering and architecture.
・Strong interpersonal skills for security training protocols and effective communication with executive leadership.
・Detail-oriented with an analytical mindset to handle various scenarios.
・Minimum of 3 years of experience in IT fields.
・Possess or actively pursue certification(s) related to IT security (cybersecurity, information security, network security, server security, cloud security, etc.).

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Medical insurance
Vision insurance
Dental insurance
401(k) retirement plan
Commuter benefits


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