IT Solution Consultant

General Position Summary:

  • This position is responsible for:

– managing projects and managing support operation for larger clients.

– planning, designing, and developing both project management and support operation, operational flow, and methodology.

  • Apply principles and techniques of economical and mathematical analysis.


  • 2-3 years IT Project Manager experience.
  • Financial industry experience is a big plus.
  • Fluent in Japanese and English.

Essential Job Functions:

Solution Architect Activity

Continually research current and emerging technologies and proposing changes where needed.

Select subjects to research, define main research tasks and create a road map of research and development based on current business opportunities and market needs.

Provide updates to stakeholders on research processes, costs, and budgets on a regular basis.

Research and assess the selected subject, do feasibility study, and establish a proto-type system using the selected technology.

Document the results of the research activities in a report.

Based on the assessment of the selected technology, create a draft of service menus and a draft of sales proposal.

Support pre-sales activities comping up with a solution for a potential client, estimating efforts to achieve the solution, presenting benefits of the new solution, and providing a demo.

Manage activities that take place during requirement gathering, solution ideation, solution design, and solution implementation.

Provide supervision and guidance to teams.

Engineering Activity

Define technical/non-functional requirements of customer’s business system.

Design, plan and deploy the system change and/or code, while discussing technical aspects with outsource vendors.

Estimate and plan efforts necessary for system change and code deployment.

Troubleshoot system error and/or software bugs, and provide workaround.

Propose reasonable solution to root cause of system error and/or software bugs.

Design system behavior or use case scenario and develop program code to meet the requirement.

Provide necessary documents for effective support.

Acquire and apply knowledge of new technology.

Collaborate with senior engineers to identify and solve variety of problems.

Participates in multi-implementation projects or customer supports.

Follow project schedule (WBS) for projects

Follow support service plan for maintenance support

Performs system tests (integration test, regression test, performance test)

Proposes improvements of client’s business system

Follow or assist Grade3 engineer for documenting, configuring, and testing tasks in project or support

Analysis Activity

Record his/her daily work logs every day i1n the work log system, such as Sprint back Log and SharePoint

Analyze actual versus forecast of assigned support cases and assigned projects.

Analyze the situations of assigned support cases or assigned projects and come up with improvement plans or solutions

Prepare and report for his/her line manager regarding statuses of assigned projects/support cases.

Come up with improvement plans or solutions based on the above analysis and execute them arranging stakeholders by him/herself

Prepare and report for his/her line manager regarding statuses of assigned projects/support cases

Management Activity

Provide leadership for team members by building and motivating them to meet project/support goals, adhering to their responsibilities and project/support milestones

Guide team members to solve issues they have and to acquire higher skills

Coordinate internal resources and third parties/vendors for the flawless execution of projects and supports

Ensure that all projects and supports are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget


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