Accounting Specialist

Join one of the largest travel companies as an Accounting Specialist and be part of a dynamic team that drives financial excellence.

【Job Description】

As an Accounting Specialist, you will play a vital role in our financial operations, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Your responsibilities will include:

Daily A/R and A/P Operations:

Execute daily accounts receivable and accounts payable operations with precision.

Daily Deposit Responsibility:

Assume responsibility for daily deposit processing, maintaining financial integrity.

Bank Reconciliations and Transaction Monitoring:

Conduct bank reconciliations meticulously and monitor bank account transactions.

Scheduled and Ad-Hoc Reporting:

Prepare scheduled reports and respond promptly to ad-hoc reporting requests.

General Ledger Entries and In-Depth Analysis:

Perform comprehensive general ledger entries and contribute to insightful financial analysis.

Collaboration Across Branches/Departments:

Collaborate with various branches and departments to address complex accounting issues.

Debit Memo Processing, Organized Filing, Data Quality Assurance, and Commission Tracking:

Manage debit memo processes, maintain organized records, uphold data quality standards, and ensure accurate commission tracking.

ARC Matching and Closing:

Skillfully handled ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) matching and closing to maintain financial accuracy.


To excel in this role, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • 1~2 Years of Accounting Experience and Knowledge: Demonstrated experience and understanding of accounting principles.
  • Fluency in Japanese and English: Proficiency in both languages to facilitate effective communication.
  • Effective Communication Skills: Strong interpersonal and communication skills for effective collaboration.
  • Hybrid Office Commute (Torrance, CA): Ability to commute to the office in Torrance, CA, approximately once a month. Full-remote work arrangements are also acceptable.

Join our team and make a significant impact on our financial operations. Your expertise will be valued as you contribute to our commitment to financial excellence.


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