Sales Rep.

Job Description

  1. Title of Job
    Sales Representative (Account Executive), Sales & Marketing
  2. Description of Responsibilities
    ▪ Effectively increases and maximize sales revenue and profit of network & system solutions
    and system integration.
    ▪ Develop sales of products and services of network solutions and system integration.
    ▪ Find competitive and market opportunities and respond and have communication in a
    timely and effective manner with existing and potential customers.
    ▪ Make sales calls, new business development, and providing proposals, bids, and other
    project information to potential customers and influencers.
    ▪ Plan, coordinate, and implement the sales of products and services with Network Operation
    & Engineering and System Integration department.
    ▪ Contact existing customers to find out their needs and possibilities of expansion of business
    ▪ Implement sales promotional activities including: visiting & making phone-calls to
    potential customers.
    ▪ Prepare and review assigned account information and enter information for monthly
    invoices on internal system as a part of closing process.
    ▪ Prepare written presentations, proposals, reports, and process quotations to customers.
    ▪ Maintain existing customers with maximize customer satisfaction and cross-sales.
    ▪ Prepare sales forecast and annual budget and plan of sales.
    ▪ Assist provisioning staff for post-sales of startup services for customers.
    ▪ Assist accounting team with collection of past due from assigned accounts for acquisition.
    ▪ Prepare sales promotional materials and perform presentation to customers.
    ▪ Maintain and keep up with evolving industry / market expertise.
    ▪ Undertake market research.
  3. Reporting
    This position reports to Manager and General Manager, Sales & Marketing department.
    Others will be designated by President & CEO if necessary.


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