Cloud Engineer

Job Description

  1. Title of Job
    Engineer, Cloud Services
    • Providing open work environment to not to limit services to existing operations. Department of Cloud
    services incorporate new technical components to be innovative and be creative. Through cloud
    services, you will gain necessary skills as full-stack engineer/ solution architect.
  2. Description of Responsibilities
    • Operation, deployment, and troubleshoot of our cloud service infrastructure.
    • Development of application using primely Python, JavaScript, Go, Shell Script, etc. and framework
    specified by our developer team.
    • Research and evaluation of new products for our cloud service offerings.
    • Provides assistance to Sales & Marketing team with technical consultation to customers in the sales
    • Troubleshooting of high technical level issue for 24 hours x 7 days on-call duty (Non full shift work. By
    occasion only).
    • Duties of updates and maintenance of applications, equipment and hardware during out of normal
    business hour 9:00-17:00.
    • Maintenance and replacement of equipment and hardware in datacenters at multiple locations required.
  3. Required skills & knowledge
    (At least two from below criteria and willing to explore and introduce new skill is welcomed)
    • Perl, Python, JavaScript, CSS, JSON, MySQL, Nginx, Redis, Git, Jenkins, ansible etc.
    • Splunk, Elastic search, Influx DB, Grafana, etc.
    • Linux, Windows, docker, k8s, VMware, open stack, citrix, AWS, Azure, GCP.
    • Infrastructure skills (DNS, LDAP, Active Directory, postfix, NTP) etc.
    • Enterprise grade networking (Layer 2-L7, DNS, VPN).
    • Involved in Application Development
    • Released web services and application development
    • Utilize developer websites (ex: Github) daily.
    • Used Web Framework before
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
    • Passionate with internet and cloud services
    • Interested and want to gain experiences in Front/back-end and infrastructure skills
  4. Reporting
    This position reports to Manger, cloud services department. Others will be designated by CEO if necessary.


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