About A-Staffing

A-Staffing, Inc. focuses on recruitment placement and offers additional services
including accounting/payroll outsourcing and HR consulting.
Our specialized bilingual associates will tailor their strategy to meet each
client`s specialized needs. The “A” in A-Staffing represents
a mindset where we devote time to each and every client
to make sure they get the attention they need.
We treat every client with special care both at the corporate
and individual level, and will happily address any questions
or concerns that may arise.

Company :
A-Staffing, Inc.
Address :
228 East 45th Street, Suite 11-South
New York, NY 10017
Phone :
Email :
Established :
January, 2012
President :
Akihiro Yamamoto
Services :
Employment placements services,
Outsourcing services, Human resources consulting services.
A-Staffing is looking for...
You must have experience in the full process of
the recruiting experience to apply.
Business Development Rep.
You must have strong sales/business
developing skills or excellent communications skill.
We have an aggressive commission structure.
Please send your resume to info@a-staffinginc.com

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